Social Media on the Developing Brain

Experts reveal the many ways that technology can impact the growing mind, and what harmful effects could result of a generation of teenagers who spend an average of 9 hours online each day. Generations of people depending on technology to get by from such a young age, may cause interesting results in the long run. Information is limited, but here’s what doctor’s are saying could be just one part of the damage that social media is doing to our youth.

Experts who worked alongside the Child Mind Institute revealed an interesting conclusion that kids have been growing up with more anxiety and less self-esteem, due to the impacts of social media.

An article posted on twitter from The National News, explaining that doctors believe social media addiction among kids and teens poses many concerns.

The above article suggests that the long term affects of social media use on this growing generation is in fact, very concerning. We simply do not know what the effects of a generation going completely online. The affects of grade school students developments next year compared to this year will be interesting to see. Standardized testing.

Teachers have began voting on other interesting topics, hoping to walk away from the year of quarantine with some rich ideas to introduce back into the education system to hopefully ultimately keep improving.

Parents have been introduced to challenges unlike anything before. Parents are having to come up with new ways to even simply limit screen time. One example of the unique challenges parents of screen kids face is wondering where to draw the line, says Kati

Other parents have taken this generational shift with a grain of salt, and simply put in place guidelines to help teach thier children the importance of relationships in real life, enjoying the outdoors, and all of the world there is to see away from a smartphone.

2020, the year all of the US switched to 100% virtual learning.

As if this craze of technology sweeping the nation was not enough, online learning taking precedent all of the world sure did not help.

That being said, there are things that do help. Apple phones have an easy to use the technique to keep an eye out on your kids screen time. The article below shares a few secrets and “parent hacks”.

Screentime hacks for parents of #screenkids

The truth is that no matter what, there is so much to see out there. We get our kids, there is a lot to see on the internet, and us ourselves can find ourselves waht you could call lost in the matrix, but we have to keep a positive attitude for the little ones.

We don’t need it to be perfect, but I hope we can begin heading in the right direction. I heard a quote that reminds me of how I feel about the technology generations the world is building. “If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together”. Getting our kids off of the screens and interacting with each other's lives is the responsibility of each of us, and I believe will make all the difference.